Improving Papermill productivity

ResComi has developed and delivered turnkey-real-time monitoring systems for monitoring the production, logistics and quality in papermills. The browser-based implementation ensures effortless deployment and helps all staff achieve common goals with common metrics.

System input data are compiled simultaneously from multiple data sources at the plant. The monitoring systems utilise existing logics, automation systems, factory databases, and ERP systems. This eliminates the need for new hardware installations.

The server application of the monitoring system collects, processes and analyses data from different systems in real time. They are used to report real-time information to production and maintenance personnel 24/7 on, for example, process productivity and disruptions.

Information is presented as illustrated trends. In addition to the latest data, historical data is recorded and can be reviewed and scrolled through later.

Real-time snapshots minimise downtime and optimise the productivity of the production-line. Quality data analysis identifies the data mass targets for the development of quality assurance.

The stored data can be scrolled through from the second to the minute, from daily to monthly, and, if necessary, the productivity gains achieved by the investment can be compared on a quarterly or annual basis.

The monitoring systems will be used to increase the efficiency of the production and logistics of slitters, roll and pallet transport, sheet metal cutters and wrapping machines.